Holiday Soiree

Orly Holiday Soiree

The Holiday Soirée 2011 collection from Orly consists of six festive shades: whether you prefer shimmers, pure cremes or multicolored glitters, there is definitely something for everyone!

Say “oui” to dramatic glamour in brilliant jewel tones with the Holiday Soireé color collection. This holiday season shimmers and sparkles with deep rich hues and a hint of naughtiness.

1st row from left to right:

  • Androgynie 40026 – smoked out black-based nail polish with small silver/gold glitter and large hexagonal multicolored glitter (Androgynie swatch)
  • Ma Cherie 40025 – bright red jelly
  • Oui 40049 – deep purple metallic nail polish with gold glitter

2nd row from left to right:

  • Au Champagne 40047 – pale white nail polish with icy shimmer
  • La Cheteau 40050 – deep blue-based black cream
  • Ingenue 40046 – pink/purple metallic polish with gold shimmer

Orly Holiday Soiree polishes

Orly Holiday Soiree polishes

Holiday Soiree palette (in the same order):

Holiday Soiree palette

In addition to 6 individual colors, there are 2 gift sets of 3 bottles with a special gift added in (black little bag or a pair of cozy black socks).

The 1st Holiday Soirée 2011 gift set includes:

  1. Androgynie
  2. Ma Cherie
  3. Ingenue
  4. A pair of cozy socks

The 2nd Holiday Soirée 2011 gift set includes:

  1. La Cheteau
  2. Au Champagne
  3. Oui
  4. Little black clatch

Orly Holiday Soiree clatch