Happy Go Lucky

Orly Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky Back To School collection exudes untamed feminine energy. Take a walk on the wide side and express your spontaneity with these flirty, edgy hues that are irresistibly fun!

orly happy go lucky mini
Orly’s Happy Go Lucky Summer collection contains four bright summer shades: three eye-catching cremes and one delicate shimmer.

In the pic below from left to right:

  • Flirty 48720 – a romantic pink shimmer
  • Frisky 48721 – a medium aqua/turquoise blue cream
    Orly’s Frisky swatch
  • Fresh 48722 – a bright lime green cream
    (Orly’s Fresh swatch)
  • Frolic 48723 – a bright lavender/purple cream




Orly’s Happy Go Lucky Summer

Orly Happy Go Lucky colors:

Orly’s Happy Go Lucky palette