Once Upon a Time

Be swept away to a faraway land with ORLY’s Once Upon a Time color collection. Be the fairest one of all with the creamy grey of Mirror Mirror. All of your wishes will come true when you find your Prince Charming. This whimsical palette of dramatic reds, deep greens and enchanting greys will have you living Happily Ever After.

Orly Once Upon A Time nail polish collection includes six shades with names from fairy tales (in the pic below from left to right):

  • Happily Ever After 40714 – berry pink with subtle hot pink shimmer
  • Pixie Dust 40710 – pale blue/grey polish with silver shimmer
    Orly Pixie Dust swatches
  • Enchanted Forest 40712 – dark green cream nail polish
  • Mirror Mirror 40713 – grey polish with cream finish
  • Poison Apple 40711 – vibrant classic red cream polish
  • Prince Charming 40715 – brownish taupe cream

Orly Once Upon A Time 2009
Orly Once Upon A Time color palette:
Orly Once Upon A Time colors