OPI collections 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013

My Favorite Ornament HL E05
All I Want for Christmas (is OPI ) HL E06
Cute Little Vixen HL H07
Underneath the Mistletoe NL E08
In My Santa Suit HL E09
Visions of Love HL E10
Warm Me Up HL E11
Wonderous Star HL E12
All Sparkly and Gold HL E13
Sleigh Ride for Two HL E14
Ski Slope Sweetie HL E15 (swatch)
I Snow You Love Me HL E16

+6 liquid sands:
Silent Stars Go By HL E17
Baby Please Come Home HL E18
Make Him Mine HL E19
It’s Frosty Outside HL E20
Emotions HL E21
Kiss Me at Midnight HL E22

18k White Gold and Silver top coat

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013
OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013
OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Liquid Sands 2013
OPI Pure 18k White Gold & Silver Top Coat Mariah Carey 2013

OPI Miss Universe 2013 limited edition

This Gown Needs a Crown
I’m Feeling Sashy
Miss You-niverse

OPI Miss Universe 2013

OPI San Francisco collection Fall/Winter 2013

A-Piers to be Tan NL F53
Dining al Frisco NL F54
Haven’t the Foggiest NL F55
Peace & Love & OPI NL F56
Keeping Suzi at Bay NL F57 (swatch)
Incognito in Sausalito NL F58
Lost on Lombard NL F59
I Knead Sour-Dough NL F60
Muir Muir on the Wall NL F61
In the Cable Car-Pool Lane NL F62
Embarca-Dare Ya! NL F63
First Date at the Golden Gate NL F64

3 liqiud sands:
Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!
Alcatraz Rocks
It’s All San Andrea’s Fault

OPI San Francisco

OPI Rock Goddess Halloween 2013

Stand in Lime for Days
Rolling Bones
The Drummer’s Hot

+ free woven bracelet with a skull charm

OPI Rock Goddess Halloween 2013

OPI Neon Revolution Summer 2013

Don’t Say It – Yellow It!
The Time is Pow!
Pink Outside the Box
Blue it Out of Proportion

+ white base & top coat

OPI Neon Revolution 2013

OPI Couture de Minnie Summer 2013

Chick from Ears to Tail NL M55
A Definite Moust-Have NL M56
Minnie Style NL M57
Innie Minnie Mightie Bow NL M58
Magazine Cover Mouse NL M59 (sand texture)

OPI Couture de Minnie

OPI Pink of Hearts BCA 2013

More Than A Glimmer SR E96
Pink-ing of You NL S95

OPI Pink of Hearts 2013 set

OPI The Bond Girls collection Summer 2013

Solitaire M49
Pussy Galore M50
Tiffany Case M51
Vesper M52
Honey Ryder M53
Jinx M54

OPI The Bond Girls collection Summer 2013

OPI Oz The Great and Powerful Soft Shades Spring 2013

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Lights of Emerald City NL T56
When Monkeys Fly! NL T58
Which is Witch? NL T60
Don’t Burst My Bubble NL T57
Glints of Glinda NL T59
I Theodora You NL T61

+1 liquid sand nail polish:
What Wizardry is This?

OPI Oz The Great and Powerful Spring 2013

OPI Euro Centrale for Spring 2013

Polka.com NL E71
OPI… Euroso Euro NL E72
Suzi’s Hungary Again! NL E73 (swatch)
You’re Such a Budapest NL E74
Can’t Find My Czechbook NL E75 (swatch)
My Paprika Is Hotter Thank Yours! NL E76
Hands Off My Kielbasa! NL E77
Oy – Another Polish Joke! NL E78
A Woman’s Prague-ative NL E79
Vant to Bite My Neck? NL E80
I Saw… We Saw… Warsaw NL E81
My Vampire Is Buff NL E82

OPI Euro Centrale display 2013

Mariah Carey for OPI 2013

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A Butterfly Moment NL M41 (swatch)
Sprung NL M42
Pink Yet Lavender NL M43
Anti-Bleak NL M44

+ 4 liquid sand nail polishes:
Stay the Night NL M45
Get Your Number NL M46
Can’t Let Go NL M47
The Impossible NL M48

Mariah Carey for OPI 2013