OPI collections 2012

OPI Skyfall James Bond 50th Anniversary Holiday 2012

The 1st display with blue and dark nail polishes
The Dangerous Shades

The World is Not Enough HL D18
Live and Let Die HL D17
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service HL D16 (swatch)
The Living Daylights HL D15
Tomorrow Never Dies HL D14
Moonraker HL D13

The 2nd display with golden and red nail polishes
The Seductive Shades

Golden Eye HL D07
The Spy Who Loved Me HL D08 (swatch)
Die Another Day HL D09
Casino Royale HL D10
You Only Live Twice HL D11
Skyfall HL D12

The Man With the Golden Gun – Real 18K Gold Top Coat HL D22

OPI Skyfall James BondOPI Skyfall James Bond 2012OPI Skyfall Golden Touch Top

OPI Skyfall & James Bond Magnetic Holiday Nail Polishes 2012

Is That Silva? – Don’t mistake this gunmetal gray for anything else

Bond… James Bond – Be spied in this elegant gold shimmer

Morning, Moneypenny – You secretly desire this heart-throbbing burgundy

OPI Skyfall & James Bond Magnetic Holiday 2012

OPI So So Skullicious Halloween 2012

Hi, Pumpkin! – bold orange
A-Rose from the Dead – bright pink
Morning Glory – black
Candlelight – yellow

+ a set of OPI nail decals

OPI So So Skullicious Halloween 2012

Astrid in Wonderland by OPI

My Pimped Out Wonderland SR D17
Amazing California Love SR D14
Go Nutty For Donutty SR D16
Chillin’ By The Pool SR D15

Astrid Bryan in Wonderland by OPI 2012

OPI Pencil You In For A Polish Seasonal Fall 2012

Big Apple Red NL N25
Honk If You Love OPI NL T28

free note/mouse pad

OPI Pencil You In For A Polish 2012

OPI Germany Fall 2012

My Very First Knockwurst NL G20 (swatch)
Don’t Pretzel My Buttons NL G16
Berlin There Done That NL G13
Don’t Talk Bach to Me NL G17
Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! NL G21
Schnapps Out of It NL G22
Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs NL G23
Every Month is Oktoberfest NL G18
Unfor-greta-bly Blue NL G24
Deutche You Want Me Baby NL G15
Danke-Shiny Red NL G14
German-icure by OPI NL G19

OPI Germany Collection 2012

OPI Outrageous Neons for Summer 2012

Seriously Purple
Riotously Pink
Formidably Orange
Ridiculously Yellow
White Base
Clear Top Coat

OPI Outrageous neons collection

OPI Minnie Mouse Collection Summer 2012

Nothin’ Mousie ’bout It NL M13
I’m All Ears NL M14
If You Moust You Moust NL M15
The Color of Minnie NL M16

OPI Minnie Mouse

OPI Great Britain Great Nails

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne

Happy Anniversary
Blue My Mind

OPI great britain nails

OPI City of Hope Summer 2012

Bubble Bath NL S86
You Don’t Know Jacques NL F15 (swatch)
Cajun Shrimp NL L64
Strawberry Margarita NL M23

2 limited edition polishes:
Spirit of Life PT 776
Delete Diabetes PT 775

OPI City of Hope

OPI File In Style Promotion March/April 2012

Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? NL T20
La Paz-itively Hot NL A20

free mermaid tweezers
free nail clippers

OPI File in Style

OPI The Amazing Spider-Man Spring 2012

Your Web or Mine? NL M33
Into the Night NL M34
Call Me Gwen-ever NL M35
Just Spotted the Lizard NL M36
My Boyfriend Scales Walls NL M37
Number One Nemesis NL M38

Black Spotted NL M39 (black top coat)
Shatter the Scales NL E66 (green shatter)

OPI The Amazing Spider-Man 2012

OPI New York City Ballet Spring 2012

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Barre My Soul NL T50
You Callin’ Me a Lyre? NL T51
Don’t Touch My Tutu! NL T52
Care to Danse? NL T53
My Pointe Exactly NL T54
Pirouette My Whistle NL T55 (swatch)

OPI New York City Ballet Spring 2012

OPI Love At First Sight for Valentine’s Day 2012

Sweet Heart NL S96
Tickle My France-y NL F16
+ Pink Cosmetic Bag

OPI Love At First Sight

OPI Holland collection Spring/Summer 2012

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A Roll in The Hague NL H53
Did You ’ear About Van Gogh? NL H54
Dutch ’Ya Just Love OPI? NL H55
Gouda Gouda Two Shoes NL H56 (swatch)
I Don’t Give a Rotterdam! NL H57
I Have Herring Problem NL H58
Kiss Me on My Tulips NL H59
Pedal Faster Suzi! NL H60
Red Lights Ahead… Where? NL H61 (swatch)
Thanks a WindMillion NL H62 (swatch)
Vampsterdam NL H63
Wooden Shoe Like to Know? NL H64 (swatch)

OPI Holland collection

OPI & Nicki Minaj collection Spring 2012

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Did It On ‘Em NL N13
Fly NL N14 (swatch)
Metallic 4 Life NL N15
Pink Friday NL N16
Save Me NL N17

+ Super Bass Shatter (purple) NL N18

OPI Nicki Minaj spring 2012