OPI collections 2010

OPI Burlesque collection for Winter/Holiday 2010

Glow Up Already! HL B04
Extra-va-vaganza! HL B05
Simmer & Shimmer HL B06
Show It & Glow It! HL B07
Sparkle-icious HL B08
Rising Star HL B09
Take the Stage HL B10
The Show Must Go On! HL B11
Let Me Entertain You HL B12
Tease-y Does It HL B14
Ali’s Big Break HL B13
Bring on the bling NL B03

 OPI Burlesque collection 2010

OPI Go Goth! Mini Set Halloween 2010

4 spooky Halloween nail polishes that come with a black stretchy lace bracelet

Obscurity – matte black
Sanguine – dark blood red
Unripened – dark glittering green
Nevermore – blackened purple

 OPI Go Goth Halloween 2010 nail polish

OPI Swiss collection Fall/Winter 2010

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I’m Suzi & I’m a chocoholic NL Z11
From A To Z-Urich NL Z12
Color So Hot It Berns NL Z13 (swatch)
Just a Litte Rosti at this NL Z14
William Tell Me About OPI NL Z15
Ski Teal We Drop NL Z16 (swatch)
Diva of Geneva NL Z17
Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous NL Z18
Glitzerland NL Z19
Yodel Me On My Cell NL Z20
The Color To Watch NL Z21
Cuckoo for this Color NL Z22

OPI Swiss collection

OPI Summer Flutter collectionSummer 2010

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Flower To Flower NL D30
Flit A Bit NL D31
Wing It NL D32
Catch Me In Your Net NL D33

OPI Summer Flutter nail polish collection 2010

OPI Hong Kong collection Spring/Summer 2010

Bling Dynasty NL H41
Red My Fortune Cookie NL H42
Hot and Spicy NL H43
Dim Sum Plum NL H44
Jade is the New Black NL H45
Suzi Says Feng Shui NL H46
A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find NL H47
Lucky Lucky Lavender Nl H48
Meet Me On the Star Ferry NL H49
Panda-monium Pink NL H50
Pearl of Wisdom NL H51
Chop-sticking to My Story NL H52

 OPI Hong Kong 2010

OPI Alice in Wonderland collection Spring 2010

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Off with Her Red! NL A55
Absolutely Alice NL A56
Mad As A Hatter NL A57
Thanks So Muchness! NL A58

 OPI Alice in Winderland 2010

OPI Pink Soft Shades for Spring 2010

Isn’t That Precious? NL H36
Pink-a-Doodle NL H37
I Think in Pink NL H38
It’s a Girl NL H39

OPI Soft Shades Spring 2010

OPI Shrek Forever After collection Spring 2010

Funky Donkey NL B89
What’s With the Cattitude? NL B90
Rumple’s Wiggin’ NL B91
Who the Shrek Are You? NL B91
Ogre-the-Top Blue NL B93
Fiercely Fiona NL B94

 OPI Shrek Forever After 2010