OPI collections 2009

OPI Holiday Wishes collection Winter/Holiday 2009

12 sparkling, classy shades to celebrate the season!

Gold display:
Merry Midnight HL A08
Sapphire in the Snow HL A07
Holiday Glow HL A06
All A-Bordeaux The Sled HL A05
Shim-merry Chic HL A04
Ginger Bells HL A03

Silver display:
Comet Love Cupid HL A09
Dear Santa HL A10
Glove you So Much! HL A11
Smitten with Mittens HL A12
Meet & Jingle HL A13
Crimson Carol HL A14

 OPI Holiday Wishes nail polish 2009
OPI Holiday Wishes nail polish 2009

OPI & DELL Laptop Collection 2009

See the whole palette of OPI&Dell laptop colors…

Dear Santa HL A10
Dim Sum Plum NL H44
I’m Not Really a Waitress NL H08
Kyoto Pearl NL L03
Up Front & Personal NL B33
Princesses Rule! NL R44
You Don’t Know Jaques? NL F15 (swatch)
Parlez Vous OPI? NL F14
It’s a Grape Fit NL B87
Strawberry Margarita NL M23
Comet Loves Cupid NL A09
Conga-line Coral NL B81
Holy Pink Pagoda! NL J10
Rosy Future NL S79
Happy Anniversary NL A36
Pompeii Purple NL C09
Teal the Cows Come Home NL B54
Smitten with Mittens HL A12
In My Back Pocket NL B88
OPI Holiday Glow HL A06
No Room For The Blues NL B83
Need Sunglasses? NL B46
Green-wich Village NL B69
Cajun Shrimp NL L64
Louvre Me Louvre Me Not NL F13
Big Apple Red NL N25 (swatch)

OPI & Dell laptops

OPI Tattoo Ta-Boo! Halloween 2009

Witch arm?
Glow-ink in the Dark (glows in the dark)
Tattoo You Want Candy? – orange
I love Mummy – white

+ Halloween tattoos

OPI Tattoo Ta-Boo! Halloween 2009

OPI Espana Collection Fall 2009

Another destination-themed collection by OPI. See the full description of OPI Espana collection

Barefoot in Barcelona NL E41
Can You Tapas This? NL E42
Give Me Moor! NL E43
Pink Flamenco NL E44
No Spain No Gain NL E45
Ate Berries in the Canaries NL E46
Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees NL E47 (swatch)
Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow NL E48
Manicurist of Seville NL E49
Pamplona Purple NL E50 (swatch)
Conquistadorable Color NL E51
Bullish on OPI NL E52

OPI Espana Spain 2009

OPI Suede collection for Fall 2009

Russian Navy suede
You Don’t Know Jacques! suede
Suzi Skis in the Pyreness suede
Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow suede
We’ll Always Have Paris suede
OPI Ink suede (swatch)

OPI SUNbelievable Summer nail polish collection 2009

See more about OPI SUNbelievable Summer

If The Fuchsia Fits… Wear It! NL D26
Banana Bandanna NL D27
Sea? I Told You! NL D28
I’m His Coral-friend NL D29

 OPI SUNbelievable 2009

OPI & Paige Premium Denim – Bright Pair Summer collection: Brights 2009

No Room For The Blues NL B83
On The Same Paige NL B84
Over The Taupe NL B85
Shorts Story NL B86 (swatch)
It’s A Grape Fit! NL B87
In My Back Pocket NL B88

OPI Bright Pair and Paige Premium Denim

OPI Colorcopia Summer 2009

OPI is celebrating 20 years of color with the OPI Colorcopia Collection, which includes 12 favorite OPI nail polish colors from the past two decades.

French Bordeaux NL E21
Mediterranean Moonlight NL E23
Purple-Opolis NL E24
Berry Berry Broadway NL E16
Cancun Fiesta NL E17
Copper Mountian Copper NL E18
DC Cherry Blossom NL Е19
Florentine Fuchisa NL E20
Kinky in Helsinki NL E22
Sahara Sapphire NL E25
Shootout at the O.K. Coral NL E26
Venus di Violet NL E27

OPI Colorcopia 2009

OPI South Beach Spring/Summer 2009

See more about OPI South Beach collection…

Done Out In Deco NL B71 (swatch)
Suzi & the Lifeguard NL B72
Over Exposed in South Beach NL B73
Party in Cabana NL B74
Paint My Maji-toes Red NL B75
Opi On Collins Ave NL B76
Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot NL B77
Miami Beet NL B78
Sand In My Suit NL B79
Bronzed To Perfection NL B80
Conga-Line Coral NL B81
Clubbing Til Sunrise Nl B82

OPI South Beach 2009

OPI Breathe Life – Lung Cancer Foundation 2009

Breathe Life SR AD1

OPI Breathe Life display

OPI Be My Valentine glitter collection

Kiss of Peach NL V24
I Pink I Love You NL V22
Be Mine You’re Fine NL V20
Cherry Much In Love NL V21
Love Will Blossom NL V23
Heart to Resist NL V19

OPI Fairytale Bride Soft Shades 2009

Otherwise Engaged NL H33
Isn’t it Romantic? NL H35
I Pink I Love You NL H32
At First Sight NL H34

OPI Fairytale Bride 2009