OPI collections 2007

OPI Holiday in Hollywood 2007

Stars In My Eyes HL 707
Hollywood Blonde HL 704
I’d Like To Thank… HL 702
My Big Break HL 703
Have You Seen My Limo? HL 706
No Autographs, Please HL 708
Call My-Agent-A HL 709
I’ve “Red” the Script HL 710
Season’s Screenings! HL 711
Pretty At The Premiere HL712
Wine Me & Dine Me HL 713
Who Are You Wearing? HL 705

OPI Holiday in Hollywood 2007

Russian Collection Fall/Winter 2007

Boris & Natasha NL R51
Siberian Nights NL R52
An Affair in Red Square NL R53
Russian Navy NL R54 (swatch)
Vodka & Caviar NL R55
Ruble for your Thoughts NL R56
Catherine the Grape NL R57
Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! NL R58
Midnight in Moscow NL R59
Suzi Says Da! NL R60
Kreme de la Kremlin NL R61
St. Petersburgundy NL R62

Russian Collection by OPI

OPI Glow Out For Halloween 2007

Boo-Berry – a boo-tiful blue that glows in the dark
Jack’s Back – a pumpkin shade of orange
Witch Way – a witch’s hat black
Cool Ghoul – a ghostly white

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OPI Glow Out Halloween 2007

Psychedelic Summer Collection Summer 2007

Strawberry Fields NL D11 (You’re sure to get psyched about this 1960s hot pink)
Can You Dig It? NL D12 (You’ll totally get into this rich grape shade)
Tangerene Scene NL D13 (Make the scene in this bright orange!)
Peace, Baby! NL D14 (A tranquil shade of pure white)
Just Groovy NL D15 (The color of your favorite bell-bottom jeans)
Make Love… NL D16 (A sweet light pink that’s perfect with your love beads)

OPI Psychadelic Summer 2007

Garden Party collection Spring 2007

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Hearts & Tarts NL H20
No Bees Please NL H21 (swatch)
Funny Bunny NL H22
Just Tea-sing! NL H23
I’ll Take the Cake NL H24
Mod Hatter NL H25

 OPI Garden Party 2007

Australia Collection Spring 2007

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Fair Dinkum Pinkum NL A43
Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It NL A44
Brisbane Bronze NL A45
Koala Bear-y NL A46
Red Hot Ayers Rock NL A47
Fit for a Queensland NL A48
Kangarooby NL A49
A True Ab-Original NL A50
Canberra’t Without You NL A51 (swatch)
Suzi Loves Sydney NL A52
Didgeridoo Your Nails? NL A53
Don’t Melbourne the Toast NL A54

OPI Australia 2007

Night Brights Collection Spring 2007

My Private Jet NL B59
Light My Sapphire NL B60
OPI Ink. NL B61
Give Me The Moon! NL B62
Golden Rules! NL B63
I Only Drink Champagne NL B64

Red Like Roses Collection for Valentine’s Day 2007

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Heart of Gold
Red Like Roses
Apple of My Eye
Route 66 Collection
Romeo and Joliet
Mother Road Rose (swatch) (now in OPI Classics)
Chicago Champagne Toast
Los Angeles Latte
Route Beer Float