OPI collections 2006

Radio City Rockettes Holiday collection Winter 2006

Talk of the Town Brown SR 6R1
Opening Night Champagne SR 6R2
Legs Celebrate! SR 6R3
Music Hall Curtain Call SR 6R4
Espresso Your Style! SR 6R5
I get a Kick Out of Gold! SR 6R6
Rockette Red SR 6R7
Star-ring the Rockettes! SR 6R8
Red Dazzle SR 6R9
Merry Crimson! SR 6S1
Berry Good Dancers SR 6S2
Rose to the Ovation SR 6S3

OPI Radio City RockettesOPI Radio City Rockettes Red

OPI The 25th Anniversary collection

It’s OPI’s 25th Anniversary, and they are celebrating with a gorgeous, glamorous Collection of colors for nails! The collection nail polishes feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush.

Decades of Shades NL A31 And this trendy brown is one of the best!
All Lacquered Up NL A32 An intoxicatingly beautiful brown-red.
OP-I Love This Color NL A33 And you’ll adore this rich maroon shimmer.
Quarter Of A Cent-Cherry NL A34 Rich cherry red that’s always a Classic.
Birthday Babe NL A35 A satiny silver with a “gift” for style!
Happy Anniversary NL A36 The perfect glittery silver for our 25th!
25 Colorful Years NL A37 And each one as bright as this vibrant red.
Did Someone Say PARTY?
NL A37 This celebratory cinnamon is ready to go!
OH… To Be 25 Again! NL A38 Feel that way in this lustrous dark brown…
Who Comes Up with These Names? NL A39 Someone who loves this sweet shade of toffee!
It’s a Doozi, Says Suzi NL A40 And she knows – this glowing burgundy is a winner!
Mauve-lous Memories NL A41 You’ll never forget this glowing purple-pink.

 OPI The 25th Anniversary

Deliciously Dark 2006

Black Onyx
Lincoln Park After Dark
Espresso You Style!
Lincoln Park At Midnight

I Don’t Do Dishes! collection Fall 2006

when OPI teams up with Whirlpool brand…

I Don’t Do Dishes! NL W15
Rinse Charming NL W17
More Time For Me NL W16

OPI I don't do dishes

Flip Flop Fabulous collection Summer 2006

Back To The Beach Peach NL K01
The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush NL K02
Yellin’ For Watermelon NL K03
Sun-Body Love Me! NL K04
It’s Toe-Tally Summer! NL K05
Orange You Glad It’s Summer NL K06

OPI Flip Flop 2006

Mexico Collection Spring/Summer 2006

See more about OPI Mexico collection

My Chihuahua Bites! NL M21
Pink-o de Gallo NL M22
Strawberry Margarita NL M23
You Rock-apulco Red! NL M24 (swatch)
Puerto Vallarta Violeta NL M25
Tijuana Dance? NL M26
Cozu-melted in the Sun NL M27
Los Cabos Coral NL M28
OPI Por Favor NL M29
A Dozen Rosas NL M30
Magnífico México NL M31
Will You Mari-achi Me? NL M32

OPI Mexico 2006

Princess Charming Collection Spring 2006

Princesses Rule! NL R44 (A bright sparkly pink that’s tiara worthy!)
Your Royal Shyness NL R45 (A shy beige-pink with royal presence)
Got a Date To-Knight NL R46 (A rich sweet pink to compliment his shining armor)
My Daddy’s The King NL R47 discontinued (A deep warm pampering pink)
I’m Princess, You’re Not! NL R48 (So there! A sumptuous gold-ivory with Attitude)
Who Needs a Prince? NL R49 (A shimmery light pink that stands for its own)

OPI Princess Charming 2006

Valen-Time For Love Collection for Valentine’s Day 2006

Be Mine! SR 640
Valen-Time For Love SR 642
I’m Yours SR 641

OPI Valen-Time For Love 2006