OPI collections 2005

Japanese collection Winter 2005

You’re Such a Kabuki Queen NL J01
Don’t Be Koi With Me NL J02
Dress to Empress NL J04
Let them Eat Rice Cake NL J05
18K Ginza Gold NL J08
Osaka-to-Me Orange NL J09
Holy Pink Pagoda! NL J10
Suzi Sells Sushi by the Seashore NL J11
Most Honorable Red NL J12
Have a Tempera Tan-Trum NL J03
Miso Happy With This Color NL J06
Color of the Zentry NL J07

OPI Japanese collection

Shopping Around the World Collection Holiday 2005

Never Lon-Done Shopping! SR 5R3
Thrills In Beverly Hills Glitter Top Coat SR 5R5
Passion for NY Fashion SR 5R0
Buy-buy, Tokyo! SR 5R1
Charge it in Milan SR 5R2
Paris Couture for Sure Glitter Top Coat SR 5R4

OPI Shopping Around the World

Wrapped Up in Red Collection Holiday 2005

Red My Mind!
All the Berry Best
The More the Berrier
Happy Holly-Days!
Decked out in Red
Joyful, Toy-ful Red

 OPI Wrapped Up in Red

Chicago collection Fall 2005

O’Hare & Nails Look Great! NL W41
Lincoln Park After Dark NL W42
Skinny Dip’n in Lake Michg’n NL W43
Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ NL W44
The Grape Lakes NL W45
My Kind of Brown NL W46
Marooned on the Magnificent Mile NL W47
ChicaGo Get a Manicure! NL W48
That’s An “EL” of a Color! NL W49
Windy City Pretty NL W50
All that Raz-berry NL W51
Got the Blues for Red NL W52

OPI Chicago collection

Brights collection Summer 2005

Goldilocks Rocks! NL B47
That’s All Bright with Me NL B48
Call My Cell-ery NL B49
Can’t You Sea? NL B50
And this Little Piggy… NL B51
Goin’ Ape-ricot! NL B52
Hey! Get in Lime! NL B53
Teal the Cows Come Home NL B54
Plugged-in Plum NL B55
Mod About You NL B56
Don’t Know…Beets Me! NL B57
Nicole Alerts! NL B58
Azure For Sure NL B25
Sonic Bloom NL B26
Dominant Jeans NL B27
It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s OPI! NL B40
Electric Eel NL B42
Megawatt?! NL B45
Fireflies NL B23
Blue My Mind NL B24
Significant Other Color NL B28
Do You Lilac It? NL B29
Purple with a Purpose NL B30
Flashbulb Fuchsia NL B31
Dazzle Me NL B32
Pink Before You Leap NL B34
Up Front and Personal NL B33
Charged Up Cherry NL B35
That’s Berry Daring NL B36
Ladies and Magenta-men NL B37
Bright Lights Big Color NL B38
Atomic Orange NL B39
Totally Tangerine NL B41
Go on Green! NL B43
Gargantuan Green Grape NL B44
Need Sunglasses? NL B46

All Shook Up collection Spring 2005

A Little Less Conversation NL A93
Burning Love NL A94
Cant Help Falling In Love NL A95
Love me Tender NL A96
It’s Now or Never NL A97
All Shook Up NL A98

OPI All Shook Up

Ford Mustang collection Spring 2005

You Make Me Vroom NL M10 (A hot red that leaves no “vroom” for doubt!)
Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds NL M11 (Cool silver that goes from zero to gorgeous in a flash)
Revved Up & Red-y NL M12 (A dark red that’s ready for the fast lane)

Soft Shades collection & Honeymoon edition Spring 2005

I do! I do! NL R24
Bride’s Bouquet NL R25
Let’s See the Ring! NL R26
Tickets to Paradise NL R27
Sweetie Pie NL R28
A Peony for Your thoughts NL R29
Privacy Please NL R30
Sweet Memories NL R31
Room Service NL R32
Getting Acquainted NL R33
Here’s to Us! NL R34
Silk Neglige NL R35
Matched Luggage NL R36
Cuddle by the Fire NL R37
Romantic Retreat NL R38
Rose Petals NL R39
Alone at Last NL R40
Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. NL R41
Second Honeymoon NL R42
Catch the Garter NL R43

OPI Soft Shades Honeymoon 2005