OPI collections 2003

Holiday on Broadway collection 2003

Man of la Mancha SR 3S1
Mamma Mia SR 3S2
La Bohemme SR 3S3
Thoroughly Modern Milli SR 3S4
Movin’ Out SR 3S5
Rent SR 3S6
Opening Night Gold SR 3S7
SRO (Standing Room Only) Silver SR 3S8

British collection Fall 2003

Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire! NL B11
Edin-Burgundy NL B12
Bare it in Trafalgar Square NL B13
Lighten Up, You’re Two Pence! NL B15
Blushingham Palace NL B16
God Save the Queen’s Nails NL B17
Double Decker Red NL B18
Fee Fi Fo Plum NL B19
Chocolate Shake-speare NL B20
London Bridge is Falling Brown NL B21
Abbey Rose NL B22
My Throne for a Cranberry Scone NL B14

OPI British collection 2003

Its Summer For Shore Collection Summer 2003

Blue Lagoon NL S34
Crim-sun NL S35
Sand-eralla NL S36
Coral Reef NL S37
Day At The Peach NL S38
What’s Dune? NL S39

Legally Blonde 2 collection Summer 2003

Blonde Date NL LB1
Elle’s Pearls by OPI NL LB2
Red-Y for Anything NL LB3

OPI Legally Blond 2

Sheer Romance – Bridal Edition Spring 2003

Sheer Enchantment NL S75
Cloud 9 NL S76
Kiss The Bride NL S77
Alter Ego NL S78
Rosy Future NL S79
Honeymoon Sweet NL S80

Las Vegas Collection Spring 2003

Chapel of Love NL V01
It’s Sheer Luck NL V06
Royal Flush Blush NL V08
A-Rose at Dawn…Broke By Noon NL V11
Cha-Ching Cherry NL V12
Nice Hand…Great Nails NL V02
Las Vegas Strip Poker NL V03
3 Plums, I Win! NL V04
Bet it All on OPI NL V05
Tuape-less Show Girls NL V07
Apricot-cha Cheating NL V09
Down To My Last Penny NL V10

Las Vegas by OPI 2003