OPI collections 2002

Victorian Holiday Collection Winter 2002

I Love the Holidays! SR 2l0
Nutcracker Suite SR 2l1
Merryberry Mauve SR 2l2
Sugarplum Yum SR 2l3
Silver Snowflakes Glitter top coat SR 2l4
Glim-merry Gold glitter top coat SR 2l5
I Love the Holidays! glitter top coat SR 2l6
Nutcracker Suite glitter top coat SR 2l7
Merryberry Mauve glitter top coat SR 2l8
Sugarplum Yum glitter top coat SR 2l9

OPI Victorian Holiday collection 2002

European collection Fall 2002

Red, Red Rhine NL E01
Hungary For My Honey NL E02
A Man in Every Port-Ugal NL E03
Euro-Mazing! NL E04
Its My Prague-Ative! NL E05
Amster-damsel in Distress NL E06
MMM… Vould You Like A Likc-Tenstein? NL E07
Kinky In Helsinki NL E08
Can’t-A-Berry Have Some Fun NL E09
Changing of the Garnet NL E10
Marquis D’Muave NL E11
Basque In The Sun NL E12

OPI European collection 2002

Surf Party collection Summer 2002

Berry Tubular NL S11
My Fave Wave NL S12
Sun Streaked NL S13
Beachen Peachen NL S14
Vio-let’s Surf NL S15
Ocean love Potion NL S16

South American collection Spring/Summer 2002

Senorita-Rosalita NL A11
Dulce de Leche NL A15
The Thrill of Brazil NL A16
Peru-B-Ruby NL A18
La Paz-itively Hot NL A20
Argenteeny Pinkini NL A21
Chile o Caliente? NL A12
Up The Amazon Without A Paddle NL A13
Galapa-ghost NL A14
Vanilla-zuela NL A17
Ecuadorable Coral NL A19
Santiago Sangria NL A22

South American OPI 2002