OPI collections 2000

OPI New York City collection Fall 2000

Soho Nice To Meet You NL N24
Big Apple Red NL N25 (swatch)
Grand Central Carnation NL N30
Vampire State Building NL N29
Madison Muavenue NL N28
Berry Berry Broadway NL N21
Marooned on the Subway NL N27
Orange You From New York? NL N32
Affair In Times Square NL N22
NYPD Beet NL N23
Live From NY… It’s OPI! NL N26
Cupp-a-Cawfee NL N31

OPI Far East collection Spring/Summer 2000

Shanghai Shimmer NL F01
Far East Fuschia NL F02
Burmese Blush NL F03
Japanese Rose Garden NL F04
So Sushi Me Salmon NL F05
Shangri La-La Lilac NL F06
Year Of the Dragon NL F07
Pearl of Wisdom NL F08
Jewel of India NL F09
Beige-Jing NL F10
Kimono’ver Here NL F11
Conficius Says “Coral” NL F12