SOUFEEL personalized ring and charm bangle bracelets

SOUFEEL personalized charm

SOUFEEL never ceases to amaze me with their creativity and productivity. Everytime I visit their website I find new jewellery pieces. At SOUFEEL they seem to have rings, charms and all kinds of bracelets for any occasion or holiday.


If you hear the name for the first time – it’s an inexpensive sterling silver jewellery brand based in China. Recently the company have expanded into the USA and Canada market with the opening of an office in New York.

About 2 weeks ago a SOUFEEL PR manager contacted me again, offering to review some of their newest jewelry. As a nail blogger I’m always interested in hand jewelry, especially rings and bracelets that make photos more attractive and instagram worthy.

Now, let me tell you about the items I got :) First of all, here’s a customisable ring made of silver 925:

SOUFEEL personalized ring

It’s one of SOUFEEL newest additions. The ring feels very light: it weights 2,1 gr, and its height is 4mm. Thanks to its design, the ring is adjustable. I think it’ll easily fit sizes from 16.5 and up to 19. The idea of the product is that you can create your very own special ring. Just choose a name or any other word (up to 7 letters) you want to wear on your finger and SOUFELL will create it for you. With the upcoming winter holidays it can be a great Christmas gift idea – it’s cute, meaningful and inexpensive.

Here’s a link to the personalized sterling silver ring, and if you browse that category, you’ll find its versions in gold and rose gold. Still, the cheapest is the silver one, right now it’s on sale for $19.95 and they also offer free international shipping for all orders over $49. My 15% off coupon code is Mari15 it should give you some money off – feel free to use it :) please note that it’ll be valid till December 14.

I chose the word ‘INSPIRE’ for my ring. I really like it and I even think it would have been nice to get another one with a different word, and wear them as a set. Here’s another macro of the ring:

SOUFEEL personalized ring

In the next photo I’m wearing it paired with Luminous Love ring that I got from SOUFEEL in August. I’ve been wearing it quite often, and as you can see, it still looks new and neat. I must say I’m very pleased with the quality of SOUFEEL rings, and I hope my new personalized ring will be just as good as the rest of the rings I have of the brand.

SOUFEEL personalized ring

The photo above takes us to the second part of today’s jewelry review – 4 SOUFEEL bangle bracelets, one of them being also personalized:

SOUFEEL personalized charm

The idea is not new, SOUFEEL has a large variety of photo customizable charms, necklaces and bracelets. However, this one is probably the best of them all because the photo has no frames, and therefore looks unique if compared to regular charms. For my personalized bangle bracelet I chose not a photo but a picture of my fav fictional feline character ever – the Cheshire cat. I decided to use the original picture drawn by John Tensile somewhere in between 1865-1866. I love how stylish the bracelet looks when decorated with the black and white vintage heart charm! You’ll definitely be seeing more if it in my future photos here and on my IG (btw my Instagram is here).

SOUFEEL charm bangles

Please, click on the link to see the whole list of SOUFEEL personalized charm bangles, one of them is mine and they have a great what-you-see-is-what-you-get feature – just choose any of the bracelets shown there to try it. First you upload a photo and then you design the charm :)

The butterly in the photo above is a regular bangle called Butterfly Charm Bangle. I got it along with two more bracelets that are not customizable, but beautiful anyways (Droplets Charm Bangle and Token of Love Charm Bangle):

SOUFEEL charm bangles

SOUFEEL charm bangles

These and many other fashionable bangle bracelets can also be found on SOUFEEL. Please, note, that unlike any other SOUFELL jewellery item these are not silver bracelets, they are made of an alloy! We’ll see how they survive lots of swatches and outfit posts in the future :)

And finally, here’s a photo of me wearing it all at once:

Soufeel jewellery

They also asked me to tell my readers that that had already launched Christmas theme jewellery. Considering 1-2 week shipping time, I’d say they did it quite in time! Once again, my 15% off code is Mari15 (valid trough December, 14) and it should work with all SOUFEEL products.

Thank you for looking! I hope you liked the jewellery and especially my own Cheshire cat heart charm :)

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  1. Love the bracelets. Great photos.

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      Thank you, Andrea! :)

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