Dance Legend’s STEP colours for Fall 2017

Dance Legend STEP nail polish

Some of you may have heard of Dance Legend nail polish. It’s a Russian brand that’s been on the market for quite a while. About a year ago they launched a new line of nail polish called STEP (in Style Colour). I was curious to try the new polishes, and I was super excited when Dance Legend sent me the whole STEP Fall 2017 collection for reviewing along with some other colours.

Dance Legend STEP nail polish

It happens not that often when I like all colours of a collection, but this one is an exception. I’m sure I’ll be using these shades for nail designs, plus the polishes look great in combos. Now, let me show you them one by one. In the pic above we have DL STEP 13 and STEP 18, and below I paired STEP 14 and 17:

Dance Legend STEP nail polish

The bright blue is well pigmented, and it looks truly amazing! DL STEP 15:

Dance Legend STEP nail polish

Also, I liked this vivid purple very muchly! The item’s number is 16:

Dance Legend STEP nail polish

Their own finish is super glossy and truly gel like, no top coat needed. I don’t have much experience with gel polishes, but I remember gels looked really shiny. These six STEP colours look like gel on the nails, but they don’t need to be cured in a UV or LED lamp. So they are even better than gel imho :) As for the staying power – the STEP polishes won’t hold up over a week like gel polish would, but you’ll get about 2-3 days of wear before you get chips, and they don’t injure your nails.

Dance Legend STEP nail polish

STEP looks like a little brother of Dance Legend – it is the same good formula but in a smaller bottle. I see three major differences between the regular Dance Legend line and the STEP line. First of all, the bottles have a different shape. Dance Legend bottles are of an irregular shape, while STEP bottles are super neat and easy to storage and save space. The second difference is the color palette. So far STEP hasn’t got many colours to offer, although they do have classic colours like reds and nudes. Finally, the third difference is absence of names for STEP colours – they just have boring numbers like STEP #10 or STEP #02 and so on.

Overall, I like the new line a lot. I love STEP square bottles, and the new fashionable colours. The formula is very good, it really gives your nails a gel-like finish. I didn’t test durability of the polishes shown above, but then again – staying power mostly depends on nail chemistry and lifestyle, and we all have different nails and hobbies/work etc. I know people who can wear OPI for several days with no chipping at all, and others say they’ll never buy OPI again because it chipped the very same day they applied it.

I think STEP line is meant for a younger audience and most of their colors tend to be on trend. Plus, a 11ml STEP bottle costs about $5 less than a regular 15ml Dance Legend bottle.

A full range of Dance Legend STEP colours can be found here.

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  1. I like the gel like finish and the colors are pretty!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      The colours are amazing! It’s not often nowadays when a collection has no shimmers :)

  2. I love these colors! I also love the skittle manicure at the end. The colors work so nicely together :)

  3. I love blue and purple! I had varnishes “Dance Legend” with sparkles and sand. It is very good to lie on the nail.

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