Geometric negative space designs with BPS stamping plates

Geometric negative space nail art

Tonight I have 3 nail designs to show you, all of them done with stamping plates and nail art tape that I got from Born Pretty store. It took 2 months for the parcel to reach me, so I’m super happy the plates are finally here!

Born pretty stamping plate BP-L048

I love geometry nail designs almost as much as I love negative space, and I love to combine geometry and negative space even more. BPS-L010 and BPS-L048 are perfect for those kinds of nail art, and for me they are a must have. I wish there were more geometric plates out there! The design you see in the picture below is stamped with BP-L048. The plate can be found here, in the Born Pretty store. Currently it’s on sale for $2.59

I also used golden nail art tape to match the design with one of my bracelets.

Silver nail art tape Born Pretty

Silver nail art tape Born Pretty

The tape comes in 3 sizes (1mm, 2mm, and 3mm – a 3 piece set) and 2 colours. I got a full set of 6 tapes, in which there’re 3 silver and 3 golden ones. Here’s a link to the product’s page if you are interested. Personally I like them, they are great for negative space designs.

The blue is OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay, and the Aztec stamping is done with Dance Legend white stamping nail polish.

Geometric negative space nail art

Here’s another design done with nail art tape (a silver one this time) and Essie On the Roadie. The green is the only one I bought from the Essie Spring 2017, the colour is amazing and it’s a perfect one coater.

Essie On the Roadie

The second stamping plate is BP-L010, also a large rectangular one:

Geometric negative space nail art

Just like the first plate, it’ll be helpful if you into Aztec/geometric nail art (like myself), its patterns are very inspiring. I’ve already seen some great designs done with the plate on Instagram. The plate’s page is here, and the price is $2.59

Born Pretty store ships internationally for free, if you like anything in their web store, feel free to use my code MARIX31 for some $$$ off, please note that the code works only with full priced items.

Soft mint here is Masura Mint Milk, in 2 coats.

Geometric negative space nail art

Thank you for looking! See you soon ;)

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  1. One mani is more beautiful than the other. I love negative space designs and if it is combined with geometric shapes even better. Love the all!

  2. reagan onditi says: Reply

    very beautiful…i really like the designs….

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