6 nail colours by MASURA

Masura nail polish

About 3 weeks ago a Russian company MASURA sent me a few of their nail polishes to try and review. If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen my designs that feature the colours, and if not, today I’ll show you the manicures together with a couple of comparison photos.

Let’s start with my favourite shade, an olive Masura called Shaken Not Stirred.

Masura Shaken Not Stirred olive nails

Shaken Not Stirred, that famous James Bond’s catchphrase that describes his idea of martini cocktails (did I just state the obvious? lol) The polish that’s named after that phrase should better be good.. and I think the Masura is pretty good. The formula is ok, two quick drying coats will cover the nail entirely, and the olive green is beautiful. I also added some brown (Masura Rum&Brownie).

As for the colour, here’s a comparison of some of my green polishes (I don’t have many tbh), L-R:

  • OPI Green-wich Village
  • Essie Navigate Her
  • Masura Shaken Not Stirred
  • ORLY Green Apple

I thought the Masura will be a lot like Essie Navigate Her, if not a dupe, but it turned out the “cocktail” is darker and more vivid than the Essie, although it’s also a dusted shade.

Green nail polish comparison Essie

Next is a taupe nude Your Smile in Response. It’s a casual office appropriate colour, a little bit pink, a little bit boring, but the formula is amazing! The pics show two easy coats with geometry stamping (Born Pretty plate BP-L054)

Masura Your Smile in Response

Below is one more swatch sticks comparison, from left to right we have:

  • MASURA Rum&Brownie
  • MASURA Your Smile in Response
  • Dance Legend Alisa

Brown nail polish comparison

Here’s another manicure I did using Your Smile in Response, together with one more MASURA, a soft pink creme Sunset in Montreal:

Floral nail design in pink brown

The flowers are black and white water decals BPY12 that I got from Nur Besten for reviewing. Here’s a close up:

Born Pretty floral water decals

The decals can be found here, currently they cost only €0.99 and the shipping is free worldwide. I have a 10% code to share with you – ZHL10 – feel free to use it if you like any products there.

Next is a very interesting grey nude holo with flakes. This MASURA is called Sands Whisper:

Masura Sands Whisper

Here’s a macro of the polish:

Masura Sands Whisper

The photos show 2 coats of Sands Whisper. The formula is fine, the polish can be a one coater if you don’t mind semi transparency. As much as I am into cremes, I liked this holo a lot, probably because it’s a neutral everyday colour with a twist.

One more pink creme from today’s set is called Romance. I used it for my St. Valentine’s manicure, partially because of its name :) Three thin coats with a fast drying top.

Masura Romance pink nails

And finally, my favourite colour from the set, a brown creme Run&Brownie.

Masura Rum and Brownie

Once I tried it, I couldn’t stop! I wore it solo, and then I did 2 nail designs with the polish. And I’m sure I’ll be using it again and again, because now it’s officially my go-to brown nail polish. The formula is flawless, 2 super easy self levelling coats and you are good to go. No need for a top, because Rum&Brownie has its own gel-like shine. If you are looking for a good brown nail polish with a creme formula, this one may be the answer.

As a sweet bonus, I got a Chocolate Mousse hand/body cream, that smells delicious to me, probably because I love chocolate a lot! You can easily smell the chocolate and Nutella notes as soon as you open the tub container. The cream is fortified with shea and cacao butter, aloe barbadensis, and vitamins A, E and B2 to keep your skin from drying out.
I’ve been using it for a week now, right after shower, and I see that it does a good job. The consistency is creamy but is on a runny side. However, the cream spreads easily onto the skin leaving it soft and moisturised, and not greasy. Since the product is 250ml, it will last for a while.
Overall, it’s a good cream with great fragrance. If you are a chocolate lover like myself and you are into trying new hand/body creams, check the Basic line by MASURA here, they also have chocolate body scrub, chocolate massage oil, and chocolate cuticle oil.

Masura body creme Basic

MASURA nail polishes and hand/body care products can be found in their online store here, also there are a couple of other stores that sell MASURA, such as Hypnotic Polish (€5.95 EUR per 11ml bottle) and Rainbow Connection (£5.50 per 11ml bottle).

I hope you liked the photos and designs :) Let me know which colours you liked most!
Thank you for looking!

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  1. Stunning combinations! I love these colors :)

  2. I like all of them, my favourite is Sands Whisper, it looks very interesting and elegant :-)

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