Dance Legend Binary updates: 55, 61, 69, and 71

Dance Legend Binary

After a month off from blogging I’m back! The main reason for my absence was… darkness. I prefer to take pics of my nails and nail polishes in daylight, but you know how it is in the midst of winter, dark in the morning, dark during the day, and even darker in the evening. In Saint Petersburg, where I live, the weak winter sun rises just a little above the horizon in December and January.

Dance Legend Binary Zarina

I have a good daylight lamp that gives enough light for taking pics of my manicures (holos and glitters shine so brightly!), but still it’s not enough for the photos I’d love to post. That’s why I stick to daylight photography.

Anyways, it’s close to spring, and days are getting longer, so I’ll be posting more often. Recently I received quite a few nail colours and nail art accessories to review, and I have that “new in” kind of inspiration that makes me want to unroll my nail art mat :))

Today I want to show you nail designs I did with four Dance Legend polishes from their recently updated Binary line. You can find swatches of the colours on the official DL website here, as for me I’d rather show you the polishes used in designs.

First off is a vampy maroon shade with slight purple micro shimmer that gives depth to the colour – Dance Legend Binary Zarina #71:

Dance Legend Binary Zarina

The photos show Zarina applied in 3 thin coats, but it’s easy to get away with just 2 coats. I added black and white arabesque water decals that I got from an online beauty store Nur Besten. The decals can be found here, their pattern ID is QJ-159

Dance Legend Binary Zarina

Next colour is a jelly based red Dance Legend Binary Rosa, applied in 2 coats. Nothing much I can say about it except that it’s a cold classic red shade that is timeless and everywhere appropriate. The formula is good too, not too thin or thick.

Dance Legend Binary Roza

Another one from the updated DL Binary line is a silver metallic Angelina. I see this silver as an accent colour (and I’m going to use it for accents therefore), but I think the polish will look fine if used in a full manicure.

Dance Legend Binary 55

Zebra accents here are animal print water decals, again from Nur Besten. The product’s page is here, the ID is DLS-190. Feel free to use my 10% off code ZHL10 for full priced items there :)

Nurbesten zebra nail decals

Last but not least, or probably even the best one for today’s colours – a golden metallic Zlata. The polish also comes from the Binary line. Here’re Binary bottom labels:

Dance Legend Binary Zlata

I seriously like Zlata because it’s cool toned and looks rather casual in daylight. I think I’ll be using this gold often for nail art and accents. For the manicure shown below I used 2 Dance Legend colours: Zarina, Zlata and Hebe.

Dance Legend Binary Zlata

All the nail colours shown above as well as many other shades are available online in Dance Legend online store. They offer free shipping for 10+ bottles orders :) Binary colours are $10 for a regular size bottle.
By the way, check out Dance Legend Instagram, they post all updates there, as well as nail art ideas!

Thank you for looking!

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  1. Och, wow! Each manicure is awesome :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      :) thank you! Im glad you liked the designs!

  2. You’re always doing great manis! Love them <3

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