Halloween nails: Probelle Textured black with henna tattoos

black henna nails tattoo

A minimalistic black Halloween nail design spiced up with beautiful henna tattoos.

Black nails design henna tattoo

The black textured nail polish was sent to me for review from Probelle, an American nail polish and nail care brand based in Miami, Florida.

Probelle textured black

The polish is applied in two thin coats, and since it’s textured I didn’t use top coater. I think it’ll be my favourite winter black. I like it that it’s not glossy, and most importantly that it looks unusual. Not a liquid sand and not a matte, but something in between – a perfect combo of the textures! I highly recommend the polish if you are a lover of black nails like me. A full palette of Probelle nail polishes, including this black of course, can be found in their official web store. Currently the price is $7.00 per a 15ml bottle.

Probelle Textured Black nail polish

Beautiful henna tattoos are from Harunouta beauty store. They have lots of henna and lace designs to decorate your body with. The patterns I have on my fingers can be found here. They gave me a 300JPY off code to share with you, so feel free to use it: MALT300

As for the tattoos set quality, I really love them and I’ll sure use the rest of the patterns. I like how detailed they are, and how well the black images stand out against my skin!

black nails design with henna

The only thing I didn’t like was a cleansing wipe that was included in the set. The wipe removed the tattoos well, but it smelled so badly that I’ll never ever use those wipes again :D According to the wipe’s package info, it’s made from non-woven fabric and contains butyl glycolate and butyl butoxyacetate. It is also said that the wipe shouldn’t be used with water (I don’t know why though).

Halloween nails design henna

Thank you for looking! I hope you liked my idea of black nails and henna tattoos for Halloween :)

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  1. Amazing photos! I love black nail polish, and the accent on index finger is very cool!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Valentina! I’m glad you liked the design!

  2. Jana says: Reply

    I really like the texture of this polish and the combination with the henna tattoos is just perfect!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Jana :) Happy you liked the look <3

  3. I like both the nail polish and henna tattoos :-)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you dear, the black is really stylish!

  4. Love this idea of tattoos in the hands!! I definitely will try this. Great nail polish!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you! The tattoos are great, and it’s very easy to apply and remove them :)

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