Dance Legend Binary 49: Oksana

Dance Legend Binary 49 Oksana

Oksana is a Binary nail polish by Dance Legend. I love the DL Binary collection for at least 3 reasons: wide colour range, good formulas, many clean colours without holography and shimmers.

Dance Legend Binary 49 Oksana

Nowadays there are so many brands offering a super wide selection of all kinds of holos, glitters, and shimmers that it seems to me no one is interested in good old plain colours. And those colours are often much needed for nail art. Luckily the Binary line is regularly updated, and currently it includes 54 polishes.

The pics above show Oksana in 3 coats, covered with a clear top. Next I added floral stamping with a white Dance Legend stamping nail polish that I also received for review.

Dance Legend Binary 49 Oksana

Tha stamping white is very well pigmented to ensure vivid and detailed images. The formula is also great, so I think the polish will be my go-to stamping white until its 6.5ml bottle is over :)

Dance Legend Binary 49 Oksana

As an adieu, here’s a picture of another stamping nail design with a small but yummy cherry cake:

Dance legend stamping polish white

Thank you for looking! Please, do visit Dance Legend Instagram here, they have many swatches and nail art videos :)

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  1. Very delicate shade and very delicate and beautiful manicure! :-)

  2. Such a delicate manicure! Very nice photos.

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