Anime girl water decals from Nur Besten

Anime girl nail water decals

A light and sweet nail design with anime nail decals that I got for review from a German online store Nur Besten that is related to Born Pretty Store.

Anime girl nail water decals

Here’s a quick photo of the design with the decals package:

Anime girl nail water decals

To be honest I’m not quite satisfied with the decals, although I have only myself to blame. The decals are totally fine: good quality, vivid detailed images, and they stretch nicely if needed. The only problem is that the images are too big for my nails, while my nails are at their max length right now – I don’t like them to be any longer. What you see here is my second try with the decals. The first design didn’t come out blog-worthy: I chose one of those images and I had to cut most of it to fit the accent nail. That left me with a huge eye of a anime girl piercingly looking at me from my nail :D

Now, let me be more specific. The decals’ sizes start from 11x22mm and go up to 14x26mm. Their width is ok, but for the images to look their best and be understandable on nails one would need longer nails than mine :)

Anime girl nail water decals

Overall, if you are a lucky owner of long nails, you can find the anime water decals here, in the Nur Besten online store. The decals’ ID is C211, and currently they are on sale for €0.89 with free shipping. If you like any other products in the store, feel free to use the code ZHL10 with full priced items, the code will give you 10% off :)

Oh, and I almost forgot to name the cute pastel yellow nail polish that matched the anime image so nicely! It’s a matte yellow Dance Legend #654 from the DL Velvet collection, topped with a glossy top coater. Negative half moons are done with RockNailStar nail stencils for french nails. You can find them here :)

Thank you for looking!

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  1. I still love the design you came up with in the end, even if it is take 2! Great work.

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