Dance Legend & Anna Gorelova: Arcona

Dance Legend & Anna Gorelova: Аркона

A yellow shimmer Arcona (or Аркона) belongs to Anna Gorelova Summer 2016 collection for Dance Legend.

Dance Legend & Anna Gorelova: Аркона

Arcana has a pink underlying shimmer that leans to green (if that makes sense). However, the shimmer is super shy and it doesn’t really show up on the nail, so don’t expect much from it ;) I managed to apply the polish in three thin coats, the formula was fine for a yellow. Perhaps, next time I’ll try to layer it over white to make the colour more vivid.

Arcona, as well as the other 5 polishes from Anna Gorelova Summer 2016 collection can be found in the official Dance Legend web store here. The polishes retail for $10.00 each

Dance Legend & Anna Gorelova: Аркона

To spice up the look I added contrasting white and yellow/orange striped accents. The stripes are water decals that I got from Born Pretty store for review. Here is the product’s page on BPS website, and currently the decals are on sale for $1.93 with free shipping worldwide. The code MARIX31 will give you 10% off any BPS items that are not on sale.

Funny thing is that I thought those are full nail size decals until I put them into water! Turned out those are long single stripes that you need to cut and apply one by one.

Dance Legend & Anna Gorelova: Аркона

I hope you liked the bright and sunny nail design! Thank you for looking xxx

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  1. The waterdecals with the polish are so amazing!

  2. Really beautiful and sunny design! :-)

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