Sheer black roses and a tulle skirt

Salmon tulle skirt

A manicure done with a stamping plate that I got from Born Pretty store for review.

Black roses nails

The plate’s code is BP-73 and it’s a set of rose patterns in different styles. For today’s design I chose a delicate full nail print.

Black roses nail design

All 4 patterns work well, but I intentionally stamped with little pressure to get more like a hint of roses over a sheer dark background. The background is a clear top coat (left-over of a top coat) in which I added a few drops of a black creme nail polish. For the stamping I used a black Dance Legend creme.

Born Pretty Store stamping

I didn’t like it how the nail tips looked yellowish under the sheer black, so I hid them with handpainted black french stripes.

Salmon tulle skirt

Blush tulle skirt

Black roses nail design

The plate as well as many other BPS plates can be found on Born Pretty website here, currently it’s on sale for $1.59 with free international shipping. The code MARIX31 will give you 10% off on any BPS products that are not on sale :)

Black french nails

Salmon tulle skirt

Thank you for looking!

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  1. I like that you added the french tips…looks elegant and classy!

  2. That’s such a great matching with your outfit! I love how the manicure came out :)

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