Negative space strawberries

Strawberry nail design art

Negative space, strawberry, and white – today’s manicure combines things I love in summer nail art.

Strawberry nail design art

The design is done with strawberry water decals I got from Born Pretty store (the product code is YE-361).

Strawberry nail design art

Nothing much I can say about the decals except that they are bright, cheerful and apply nicely. The decals sheet size is 122x62mm, and the strawberries are quite small which makes them applicable on nails of any size. I used strawberry hearts and stripes, but when I get some free time I’ll do another manicure with the berries and text.

Strawberry nail design art

The strawberry nail water decals, along with other nail art stuff can be found in the Born Pretty web store – click here to go to the product’s page. The decals’ price is $1.63 with free shipping. Feel free to use my code MARIX31 to get %10 off any Born Pretty store products that are not on sale.

Strawberry nail design art

As an adieu here’s a homemade strawberry milkshake I enjoyed while wearing the manicure :)

Strawberry milkshake

Thank you for looking!

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  1. Very nice idea to place the decals! Fantastic outcome!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Andrea! :) xxx

  2. Really cute!

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