3 summer nail designs with water decals

Nicole Diary water decals

I have three nail designs to show you today, all featuring Nicole Diary water decals that I was sent for review. It’s not that I am lazy to write a post about each of the decals, it’s because I don’t want to spam you :)

Nicole Diary water decals

Let’s start with a blue floral manicure, where I used the decals over white accent nails. The decals’ code is Nicole Diary #10, and they are white film based, so you’ll need to paint your nails white before applying the decals.

Blue nails floral design

Next design is done with two patterns, Nicole Diary #38 (birds) and #15 (red roses):

Nicole Diary water decals

I combined the decals to see how they’ll look together. Two black birds are applied over a white base – the birds decals are transparent so you can use them over any nail polish. The roses are white based and should be applied over white.

Birds nail art design

Here’s a macro of the thumb:

Red roses nail art decals

And finally, the last floral pattern for today, Nicole Diary #30:

Nicole Diary water decals

These blue and orange flowers are transparent and therefore can be applied on any colour of your liking, although I’d recommend choosing a light base for the flowers to stay vivid against the background.

Blue flowers nail design

Each of the 5 water decals sheets is 63x78mm in size, and contains 10 decals. I believe the decals will match any nail shape/size because they are big enough and stretchy. They are all 25mm in length, the widest decal is 15mm in width, and the smallest decal is 10mm in width.

Nicole Diary water decals

The floral decals I used for the manicures can be found in Nicole Diary Amazon and AliExpress web stores. They sell water decals, stamping plates, glitters, and other nail art and beauty supplies, so feel free to have a look at their products. They gave me a coupon code “Ma2016”, just leave it with the order note and they’ll send you a free gift worth $2-$5 along with your order!

That’s it for today, thank you for looking!

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  1. I like all the decals that you showed us, but those roses are simply amazing :-)

  2. Absolutely stunning, all three! The birds are so delicate <3

  3. Beautiful designs. I really love how you paired them into these lovely nail looks :)

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