ORLY Dazzle with accents

ORLY Dazzle

Happy Friday, 13 everyone! I hope the day isn’t an unlucky one for you. I have a quick post: I’d love to show you one of my all time favourite metallics ORLY Dazzle.

ORLY Dazzle

I’ve posted a lot of manicures where I used this silver foil, but I don’t remember writing a proper post about the polish, so here we go!

ORLY Dazzle

ORLY Dazzle is one of those nail polishes that are festive and casual at the same time. The silver has enough sparkle for a holiday look, but it’s not a straight-into-your-eyes silver which makes the polish pairable with casual outfits.

ORLY Dazzle

For today’s look I used ORLY Dazzle as a base colour, mixing it with a cool neutral beige and a plain but glossy black. The holo stars are water decals, in daylight they loose their holo effect and look like silver stamping, which is actually perfect for the manicure ;)

Thank you for looking! See you soon!

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  1. Eliza says: Reply

    Superb! Delicate and elegant – I love them ♥

  2. I absolutely love this manicure, both color-wise and the design <3

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