Black & white floral chevron nails


For today I have a black and white nail art with simple flowers and chevron lines.

Green pleated skirt

Everything is hand painted, and the chevron lines are intentionally imperfect %)

Green pleated skirt

The white base is Essie Blanc in three very thin coats. Sometimes I think nail art needs tons, or better to say litres of white nail polish! The bottle of Essie is almost over, as well as a few more of my favourite whites.

white floral chevron nails

The flowers are hand painted with a thin nail art brush and black acrylic paint. Everything is top coated with a fast drying top.

white floral chevron nails

I hope you liked the design! Thank you for looking xxx

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  1. Very nice and minimalist nail art!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Andrea! <3 That was the idea, I love b&w minimalistic nail designs :)

  2. Beautiful manicure! I love the pictures :)

  3. Nice touch holding the wheat.

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