Cute cats water decals!

cats water decals

Today’s post is about nail art and cats, so there is a potential for it to be well accepted. I’m a cat lover and I love cats themed nail designs, so when I saw colourful cats water decals in the Born Pretty Store I knew I need to try them!

Cute cats water decals

I chose the decals for review, it’s a big sheet with 4 cats patterns C220 – 223, and each of the patterns has 10 fill nail size decals which makes 40 decals overall. The downside is that the decals are rather big for my nails, they are 14-11mm in width and 26-22mm long. For the accent nail you see in the pics I chose a lovely orange cat nail decal 13x23mm.

The cats are super cute and the printing quality is very good and detailed, but I had to cut the orange cat decal almost in half to fit my ring finger nail :( It’s sad that I can not use the biggest ones, they are way too big for my nails.

Cute cats water decals

I applied the decal over white, and sealed it with a clear top coater. Here’s a close up of the cute orange cat:

cats water decals

The cats water decals can be found in the Born Pretty Store here, currently they are on sale for $2.39 with free worldwide shipping. If you like any other product in the web store, feel free to use my coupon code MARIX31 that’ll give you 15% off the purchase :)

cats water decals

Thank you for looking, I hope you liked the manicure! I’m not done with the decals yet, you’ll see more cats nail designs soon ;)

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  1. Cuteness over the top and I love the color combo you made on your nails!

  2. Eliza says: Reply

    Wow, they’re beautiful <3

  3. I love the colour combo, too. It’s soooo cute.

  4. The cats are adorable! I love how you’ve used the different colors to complement the water decals :)

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