OPI rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day 2016

OPI nail polish rainbow

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day today! We don’t celebrate it here, but I love painting my nails green or doing a St. Patrick’s themed nail design for the day every year.

OPI nail polish colors

This time I decided to do rainbow nails, luckily I found all 7 colours in one brand, OPI, in my collection (surprise, surprise!) and I simply painted my nails in rainbow order. They say you can find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, that’s why I applied a golden glitter on my left pinky nail :)

OPI nail polish rainbow palette

The rainbow colours you see here are:

  • Red: OPI Color So Hot It Bernes
  • Orange: OPI Atomic Orange
  • Yellow: OPI I Just Can’t Cope-cabana
  • Green: OPI Green-wich Village
  • Blue: OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook
  • Indigo: OPI My Pal Joey
  • Violet: OPI Pamplona Purple

OPI nail polish rainbow

… and here’s the pot of gold at the end of today’s OPI rainbow: OPI All sparkly and Gold!

OPI All Sparkly and Gold

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Wishing you love, peace, joy and a basket full of good luck and nail polishes ♥
Thank you for looking!

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