OPI Hello Kitty Small + Cute = Love NL H84

OPI Hello Kitty 2016 Small + Cute = Love NL H84

I’m still not sure why of all the colors from the OPI Hello Kitty collection I chose this pink. Small Plus Cute Equals Love is quite an ordinary pink creme that many nail polish brands have in their range of colors. Well, maybe the name is not that ordinary after all.

OPI Hello Kitty 2016 Small + Cute = Love NL H84

The polish was released in January together with 11 more Hello Kitty colors, and I think all of them were aimed for the spring. Small Plus Cute Equals Love’s code is NL H84. I also liked the blue one from the collection, and the pink glitter.

OPI Hello Kitty 2016 Small + Cute = Love NL H84

Here’s a comparison of Small Plus Cute Equals Love with some of pink nail polishes that I have in my stash. In the pic below from left to right we have:

  • OPI Italian Love Affair (this pink is close to Small + Cute = Love, but the Affair has lots of tiny silver shimmer)
  • OPI Small + Cute = Love
  • Essie Need a Vacation
  • Dance Legend Irina

My personal favorite here is Essie, but the equation is growing on me, I think you’ll see the OPI soon again on the blog, with some nail art attached ;)

OPI pink nail polish comparison wheel

The pics here show OPI Small Plus Cute Equals Love in 3 coats, with a clear top. I wish I could say the application was fast and easy, but the truth is the pink is streaky and requires at least 3 coats to become opaque. On the other hand, I don’t have any pink nail polishes with creme formula that are one coaters. Plus, I’m not afraid of layering if I like the color :)

On the nails OPI Small + Cute = Love feels light, girly and very spring appropriate. The color willl go with many spring outfits, and especially with those of pastel colors. I wore the polish with light blue ripped jeans and white knitted sweater.

OPI Hello Kitty 2016 Small + Cute = Love NL H84

Thank you for looking!

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  1. Cindi says: Reply

    That’s just a great girly pink perfect for Spring! You made it look fantastic. I don’t mind doing extra coats if it is workable and looks fabulous when it dries.

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Cindi! Same here, it’s ok with me if the polish needs a coat or two more to become opaque if I really like its colour! :)

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