Colourful tetris nails (reverse stamping)

Tetris nail art design

I’ve been playing with the idea of tetris nail art for a while now, and this morning I finally tried it. I wanted detailed design so instead of hand painting colourful blocks I decided to refresh my reverse stamping skills.

Tetris nail art design

For the tetris blocks I used hehe 018 stamping plate, you can find my review on the plate here. That is actually a lace pattern, but if you color the squares using bright nail polishes, you’ll get a perfect tetris pattern instead ;)

hehe 018 lace stamping plate

These are the polishes I used to color the pattern:

Golden Rose Color Rich nail polishes

In the pic above we have two Golden Rose Rich Color polishes, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, ORLY Dazzle, and Essie Blanc.

Essie Blanc nail art

Essie Blanc is used for the plain white background as you may have already guessed :) Love this Essie a lot, and I use it quite often. I even had to shake the bottle to make it look full in the pics! I think I’ll need to repurchase the white soon.

Colourful tetris nail design

Thank you for looking! ;)

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  1. Oh, good old days with playing tetris! You mani looks clean and perfect, as usual!
    How did you remove the unnecessary squares so neatly from you stamped pattern?

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Maja! I cut the squares out with my manicure scissors after I peeled the dried pattern from the stamper :)

      1. Thank you! I’ll be trying that! The effect is worth the effort!

  2. Eliza says: Reply

    Beautiful photos <3

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Eliza! I’m glad you liked the photos :)

  3. Amazingly cheerful, I love it! :-)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      thank you, dear :) xxx

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