Black rings set & Gelato on My Mind nail art

Gelato on My Mind OPI

The rings set I’m going to show you today was sent to me from Lady Queen online beauty store among nail art supplies. Once in a while it’s nice to try and review something that is not nail art related :) However, to make the review more interesting for you I did a nail design to show you the rings with.

Gelato on My Mind OPI

Here’s how the 3 rings set looks like:

Black rings set

The biggest ring is 20mm heigh and its size is around 17.5 This ring is not adjustable, so it’s more comfortable for me to wear it on my index fingers. The other 2 rings are adjustable, so you’ll be able to wear them on any finger you like. The second big ring is 5mm in height and the thinnest is 2mm heigh.

Black rings set

For the light blue accent I used OPI Gelato on My Mind (the polish is still on my desk so there may be some more designs with the color soon!) and ORLY Dazzle for dots. Dazzle is also used for the silver accent, and the white color in the manicure is Essie Blanc.

I remember I promised you a comparison swatch with Gelato on My Mind by OPI, so here it is:

Gelato on My Mind OPI comparison

In the pic above L-R we have:

  • OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook
  • Sinful Colors Sugar Rush
  • OPI Gelato on My Mind
  • IsaDora Baby Blue

On the right there’s a pic of two OPIs: Czechbook and Gelato.

OPI Gelato On My Mind

The rings set can be found in the Lady Queen online beauty and nail art store here. However, the set that I’m showing you is a bit different because it’s made of some kind of alloy, and not of rubber as it is stated on the product’s page. If you decide to get it, please, ask Lady Queen support team to make sure you order the right one. Also, feel free to use my code SSAX15 for %15 discount on any product they have there except items that are on sale :)

Now, let me show you the rings with red nails:

Black rings set red nails

Thank you for looking! ♥

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  1. Such an interesting looking ring set.

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Andrea :)

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