Violet floral design feat Classics Glamour #170

Classic Glamour #170 nail polish

I have a budget nail polish for you today, a purple shimmer by Classics Glamour nail lacquer. Have you heard of the Turkish brand before? I remember the polishes were popular here mainly because of their low prices.

Classics Glamour #170 nail polish

I did just a couple of pictures, and those in which there was a bottle came out blurry thanks to our gloomy winter weather with no sun. So I can only show you the design I did using the purple polish.

Classics Glamour #170 nail polish

For the design I applied the polish on the nail tips, leaving some “negative space”, and then I applied water decals (stripes) over the polish. The flowers are stamped with a black Dance legend nail polish and a plate from Lady Queen web store. The nail art may look complicated but in fact it was easy to do it :)

Classics Glamour #170 nail polish

Thank you for looking! I hope you liked the nail look :)

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  1. I don’t know how these wonderful ideas come into your mind! Love the outcome a lot!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      lol thank you Andrea :) me happy you liked the nail look :)

  2. Gorgeous manicure!

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