Purple abstract decals with a holo accent

Purple abstract decals Born Pretty store

For todays nail look I used full nail water decals that I got from Born Pretty store a while back. Since I already used a couple of the decals from the set, I decided to pair the rest with a silver nail polish.

Purple abstract decals Born Pretty store

It’s been terribly cold here in Saint Petersburg, last night it got down to -25C! As much as I love taking nail pics in daylight I didn’t venture to go to the balcony for the shooting because I’d been completely frozen in no time. The pics were taken in the artificial lighting. I used EVA’s clear top to seal the decals.

Purple abstract decals Born Pretty store

Thank you for looking! :)

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  1. I like the pattern of the wraps, though I think that those big raters are not so great on them.
    OMG, you have a horrible cold there. Here the coldest nights were -13 degrees and I was already freezing!

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