Chanel Frenzy with blue half moons

Happy first day of winter! As the title suggest, today I’d love to show you my swatches of Chanel Frenzy and a simple nail design I did using the polish as a grey/beige base color.

Chanel Frenzy nail polish

I don’t know much about Chanel colors and I don’t monitor the newest releases, because I rarely buy polishes of the brand. To be honest, for the price of 1 Chanel I’d prefer to get 2 OPIs, and still sometimes I see a Chanel that I really want to have in my collection. That’s exactly what happened between me and Frenzy :)

Chanel 559 Frenzy swatches review

The code number of the Chanel is 559, and I know that the color was released for Fall 2012. I remember back then it made quite a big impression on nail bloggers, and I saw lots of Frenzy swatches in my feed.

Chanel 559 Frenzy pics swatches and review

I’d describe the color as a cool toned greyish beige, or greige as they often call it. Frenzy reminds me of a cup of milk coffee :)

Chanel Frenzy with blue half moons nail design

I think the Chanel calls for dark half moon designs! I liked the combo of Frenzy with a dark blue knitted sweater paired with blue jeans, and the outfit gave me an idea of adding blue to the nail look. So I did blue half moons nail design (for the half moons I used a dark blue acrylic paint).

Chanel Frenzy with blue half moons

I hope you liked the look :) Thank you for looking!

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  1. Very classy and stylish color combination! Love it!

  2. Very elegant!

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