Vertical text lines

Today I have a bit crazy nail look to show you. It’s crazy because there’s a lot of nail art techniques mixed in it (stamping, hand painting, spatter, water decals), and the result looks quite strange to me :)

Vertical text lines nail design

The base color is Dance Legend Alisa, and I also used a teal, white, light blue, and silver nail polishes for splattering. The red floral branches are stamping, I used OPI Amore at the Grand Canal that I showed you last week. The text lines are applied over hand painted white stripes so the letters would stand out against the oh-so-messy background :)

Vertical text lines splatter nail design

The decals sheet is about 57x50mm in size, and for the design I needed just two text lines, that’s why I was able to take a pic with it :)

Text lines nail water decals

If you are interested, lots of water decals (including this set) can be found in the LadyQueen beauty web store, they offer international shipping. Feel free to use my 15% off coupon code SSAX15 if you want :)

Now, let me leave you with a huge marshmallow lollipop :D

Vertical text lines nail art

Thank you for looking!

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