Peacock necklace and nails to match

In the previous post I told you about the nail art mail that I got from LadyQueen beauty store. Apart from the nail art stuff I also got a peacock feather necklace as a bonus:

Bohemian peacock feather necklace

First off let me show you the necklace :)

Bohemian peacock feather necklace

The peacock feather pendant is 12cm in length and about 4cm in width, and the feather itself is 10cm long. As for the chain, it’s about 70cm long, and it has a regular lobster clasp.

Bohemian peacock feather necklace

I love all kinds of feather jewellery, and I have quite a few, so the necklace was a welcome addition to my collection. It’s not that fancy and expensive looking, but for the price (currently it’s $2.18) the quality is good. I was afraid least the feather got damaged/broken during the shipping, but luckily it arrived safe and sound :)

Now let’s move on to the nail look I did to match the necklace. I loved it how the feather looked next to the green/blue chrome Wazowski by Dance Legend, and next day I added black & gold stamping, done with a black creme by Dance legend and ORLY Luxe.

Wazowski by Dance Legend

If you are interested, the peacock feather necklace can be found in the LadyQueen beauty store, they offer international shipping. You can use a 15% off code SSAX15 if you want :)

Peacock feather pendant necklace

Thank you for looking! ♥

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  1. He, he. We choose the same necklace from the shop :) But you made a much prettier manicure to match the necklace, as I did :) Isn’t the feather beautiful? I like it very much!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      hehe great minds think alike ;) the peacock feather is beautiful indeed, luckily it wasn’t damaged on its way from Hong Kong to me! I saw your design and I think you did a great job, plus I loved you outfit photos wearing the necklace ;)

  2. Beautiful manicure, the colours match perfectly with the necklace :-)

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