Fazer inspired nail design

Like the title says today’s nail design was inspired by Geisha chocolate by Fazer.

Fazer Geisha nail design

The base color is a light pink creme Lilia by Dance Legend, applied in 3 thin coats.

Pink gold nail foil design

The golden triangles are made of gold nail foil, it’s a very thin foil that applies evenly and can be cut in different figures. The foil reminds me of chocolate wrappers, and goes along with the nail design theme :)

Fazer Geisha nail art in pink

The accent ring nail is hand painted with acrylic colors. I didn’t spell the whole word Geisha, just “eish”, but I tried to use the original font :)

Fazer Geisha nail art in pink

I hope you liked the Fazer Geisha nail design :) Thank you for looking! See youuu xxx

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  1. I love the idea of using nail foil instead of gold polish! Also that you’ve only written “eish”.

  2. Yeah I really like it I bet those candies are tasty too :)

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