Halloween flowers

I’ve been enjoying Halloween manicures in my news feed for about a week already, and I thought it’s time for me to do a festive nail design too. I need to warn you, today’s manicure is absolutely impractical!

Halloween flowers orange and black nail design

The base color is a classic Halloween orange, OPI Atomic Orange with the code NL B39. The polish is applied in 3 thin coats over a ORLY clear base. The black flowers are hand painted with a black acrylic paint, and the accent flower is made of golden nail art foil. In the middle of the flower there’s a black stud. Also, I used tiny pieces of the foil to decorate the black flowers with.

OPI Atomic Orange NL B39 swatches nail design

The nail art foil I used to make the golden flower is super thin and easily torn or crumpled. The foil is much thinner than a regular foil we use for cooking or wrapping products. If you ever decide to make nail art foil flowers like this one, remember that they will be ruined as soon as you wash your hands, or bump your nail on something (even if slightly), or put on a coat, or do anything else that requires both hands. I did the nail design only for fun, in other words it’s a nail art for art’s sake.

Orange nails with golden flowers Halloween

Here’s a macro of the flower hand made from the golden nail foil in case you’d like to see it closer:

Golden nail foil flower handmade design

Thank you for looking! See you soon, I have one more Halloween nail design to show you ;)

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