Halloween 2015

It’s Halloween, which means it’s time for a themed spooky nail art look to celebrate the holiday. I already posted my cute owl nails several days ago, and now let me show you a Halloween pumpkin nail design:

Halloween Pumpkin nail design

The purple base is ILNP Homecoming applied in 1 coat over an ORLY clear base. The polish requires 2 coats to become opaque on the nails, but since I knew I’ll be hand painting and sponging over it I stopped after one coat.

On a side note, I think I’m starting to like it when nail polishes are not absolutely opaque on my nails. It’s that I-don’t-care-if-it’s-not-perfect look that is trying to attract me. Weird, I know! I still cannot bear nail polish on the cuticles but I want some fresh air (?). No worries though, you won’t see those careless manicures here on the blog ;)

Back to the nails. On the tips I sponged Starrily King Midas. It’s a clear based gold holographic glitter. King Midas looks incredible in the sun or artificial lighting, and it has some holographic sparkles even for a gloomy day. In the pics you can see how it sparkles here and there.

Starrily King Midas

Thank you for reading aaaand… Happy Halloween!

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  1. This manicure has a fancy touch because of the golden glitter polish. Even if it is Halloween themed I think this is appropriate fro Christmas too!

  2. waralenda says: Reply

    Gorgeous. As always!

  3. Lovely pumpkins! Happy Halloween! :-)

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