Abstract stripes with water decals

Usually full nail water decal sets have more than 10 decals (as a rule 12 or 14) in case you mess a nail or two when applying them, and they are of different sizes to match all possible nail shapes. Whenever I use full nail size wraps or decals I always have leftovers. They can be used for accent nails, or you can build a whole manicure around them :)

Abstract stripes nail design

For today’s manicure I cut three full nail size water decals in stripes of different width and then I randomly applied the stripes over a plain white background.

Colorful stripes nail design

The white base is OPI Alpine Snow which is a classic white creme nail polish, applied in 2 coats. Alpine Snow is one of my all time favorite whites. When I use the bottle up I’ll repurchase the polish for sure.

OPI Alpine Snow white nail polish

Here’s a macro of the abstract pastel stripes nail design:

White nails with pastel stripes

I got the decals from the Born Pretty Store long time ago, they have a wide range of water decals to choose from. If you are interested, there’s a banner in the right side bar leading to their website.

Abstract stripes nail design over white

Thank you for looking! See you soon ;)

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  1. Fantastic idea and you achieved a great mani with an eye catching effect!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Andrea!

  2. Eliza says: Reply

    Great look! Very creative <3

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Eliza!

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