Yeti Moo’s cupcake

I really like the idea of colourful french nails, and when there’s a nail art included in the design I like it even more.

Colourful french nails

This colourful french nails look is very easy to do, I didn’t even have to use any nail art brushes or french stickers. I painted the tips of my nails with regular nail polish brushes :)

For the accent cupcake nail I used a dotting tool to place glitters on the top of the “cupcake”, and a nail art brush to paint the lines over the brown cupcake base.

Cupcake french nails glitter

Overall, for the colourful french nails I needed four Moo Moo nail polishes (a mint Don’t Take Lollipop from Stranger, a brown Monster in the Woods, a white holo glitter Yeti Moo and a pink shimmer Oh Lolly!), you can find my reviews on the polishes by Moo Moo’s tag. Everything is hand painted with the nail polishes. The design is sealed with a clear top coater.

Cupcake french nail design

Thank you for looking! See you soon ♥

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