Green rhinestone dragonflies

A quick and simple nail design I did the other day with Moo Moo’s nail polish, a silver holographic Molly Moo used as a base.

Dragonflies nail design

I showed you Molly Moo in my previous post, where I wore it solo paired with a dark floral print blouse. I also promised you that time that you would see the polish again, so here it is :)

Moo Moo's nail polish Molly Moo

I even took a macro of the brush:

Moo Moo's nail polish Molly Moo

And here’s a macro shot of the dragonflies design:

Green rhinestone dragonflies nail art

I started with 2 coats of Molly Moo, a grey holo with silver flakes, and then I hand painted dragonflies using acrylic paint. For the stripes I used a dark copper striping tape.

Striping tape nail design on silver

Thank you for looking! :)

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  1. The dragonflies are so beautiful. Wonderful job!

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