DIY felt bracelet with Moo Moo’s nail polish

If you have Moo Moo’s Signatures nail polishes, you already know what I’m going to talk about in the post: colorful felt balls that Mei Mei, the owner of the indie brand, always attaches as a cute bonus to every bottle she sends to her customers :) One felt ball per a polish, and the color of the ball matches the color of the polish.

DIY felt balls bracelet

You can make almost any piece of jewellery with the Moo Moo’s felt balls. I decided to do a felt bracelet because I love handmade bracelets, and I never had any felt ones before.

DIY felt bracelet

For the bracelet I needed four felt balls, a thick needle and a cotton thread. As you see, I have quite a few felt balls of different colors and sizes:

DIY felt balls

If you don’t have enough felt balls, you can add any other beads of your choice. Wooden, plastic or metal beads will do just fine. These are the beads I used, I bought them in the local craft store:

DIY beads bracelets

In case you’re wondering what nail polish I’m wearing in the pics, it’s Molly Moo by Moo Moo’s Signatures. I got a grey felt ball with it :) Molly Moo’s swatches are already taken, I’ll post my review very soon.

Handmade felt bracelet balls

I hope you liked the bracelet! Thank you for looking ♥

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  1. The bracelet is cute and colorful! How can I not like it!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      :)) Thank you Andrea! <3

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