Dance Legend Velvet mini collection #12

One more matte nail polish from a recently released Velvet collection of mini nail polishes by Dance Legend:

Dance Legend Velvet 12 Бархат

The Velvet Mini collection consists of 12 matte colors that are available in 6.5ml bottles. The price on the official website is $6.00 per bottle.

Dance Legend Velvet 12 Бархат

DL Velvet Mini #12 is a blue based nail polish densely packed with golden shimmer that gives the polish a somewhat tealish color. The pics show 2 coats of the matte over the AquaGenetic base (also by Dance Legend), with no top coater.

Dance Legend Velvet 12 Бархат

Even though the polish belongs to the Velvet collection, the teal matte finish reminds me more of a metallic than of a velvet nail polish, but that doesn’t make #12 any less better :) I actually have been wearing the matte for 3 (!) days, since Sunday evening, and I have this tealish blue matte on my nails right now. Now there’s a little tip wear and the matte finish became a bit shiny, but on the rest the polish looks almost as good as it did on Sunday-Monday.

The Velvet collection can be found in the international Dance Legend web store here. Do check the rest of the colors! I’d also like to try the bright teal #6 and a white silver #7, they look beautiful in the swatch pics there :)

Dance Legend Velvet 12 Бархат

Thank you for looking! :)

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  1. Nice! I love the colour and the finish :-)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Yes, the metallic matte looks very interesting :) Because of the finish I liked it much more than the other one from the collection I got for review :)

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