Dance Legend Velvet collection #654

Today I have swatches of a light yellow Dance Legend from their Velvet collection. All polishes in the collection have a delicate matte finish.

Dance Legend Velvet collection #654

The pics show Dance Legend light yellow matte in 3 thin coats with no base or top. It may be possible to wear the polish in 2 coats, if you have no nail ridges (sadly I have some). The quality is ok, but like many pastels this one is streaky and requires certain application skills. Also it’s better to apply it over a base that makes nail surface smooth and more “matte polish friendly”.

As for the very light warm yellow color, I must say I really like it. It’s soft and loud at the same time, and it shines in a special “glowing” way thanks to its matte finish. The polish is perfect to be used as a base for stamping. I rarely stamp, but I’m sure it’ll work great with many stamping patterns and nail polishes.

Dance Legend Velvet matte #654

In case you’re wondering what this yellow matte is made of:

Dance Legend Velvet collection #654

This is how the bottom label looks like:

Dance Legend Velvet Бархат 654

The polish was sent to me for review, more pictures of the pale yellow matte, as well as other shades from the Velvet collection can be found on the official Dance Legend Facebook page here.

Pastel yellow matte nail polish

Thank you for looking! :)

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  1. Very, very nice! You’re right, it is a perfect base for stamping or nail art! :-)

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