Dance Legend Velvet collection #651

A light blue matte by Dance Legend from their Velvet collection. The polish is more appropriate for spring, but it looks good on tanned hands too :)

Dance Legend Velvet Бархат 651

Bottom label shot:

Dance Legend Velvet Бархат 651

I’d describe 651 as a pastel version of a blue and violet mix.

Dance Legend Velvet Бархат 651

On my nails I have 2 coats of Dance Legend Velvet with no base\top coater. Like most of nail polishes with matte finish, 651 requires flawless nail surface to be applied evenly and with no ridges showing. I disobeyed and applied it over naked nails, that’s why the manicure isn’t perfect in the macro pics, but in real life the polish looked ok :)

Dance Legend Velvet Бархат 651

Dance Legend news and swatches can be found on their Instagram here. The also post nail designs :)

Light blue matte nail polish

That’s it for tonight, I hope you liked the pics and the polish :) Thank you for looking!

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  1. Love the finish, love the color. Excellent polish!

  2. Lovely colour, I like the finish too :-)

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