Dance Legend Binary 31 Polina

I’m always happy to add yet another white creme nail polish to my collection. White is perfect for so many designs, and just plain white nails can look super stylish too :)

Red blood nails design

This white creme was sent to me for swatching from Dance Legend PR team. The polish comes from their Binary collection of pure colors, where each color has a female name. This pure white is Polina, and it goes under the number 31.

Dance Legend Binary Полина Polina 31

If you follow me, you may have already seen white on my nails… plenty of times, so today I’d rather share with you a nail art I did using the polish as a base.

Blood stains nail design Halloween

I painted my nails with Polina (I needed 2 coats for the opacity you can see in the pics), and then I applied “a hand-written letter” water decals over the white. Then I sponged a DL red nail polish called Chili Red over the decals to get that Halloween nail look, and to add some tragedy I swatched the blood stains nail design with a pocket knife *evil smile here*

Blood red stains nail design Halloween

All creme nail polishes from the Binary line by Dance Legend can be found in their official web store here, the price is $10.00 per one 15ml bottle.

Dance Legend Binary Полина Polina 31

Thank you for looking! :)

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