Aveniro glass nail files: review

Last week I received glass filing products from Aveniro, a Czech company.

Aveniro glass nail files

They seem to have sent me a little bit of everything: glass files for manicure and pedicure at home, a cute little bag glass nail file, and a glass manicure stick. The first and most important thing I’d like to say about the products is that this is etched glass (when the texture is part of the file), which means the files will serve for a long time. The only disadvantage of glass files is that it’s easy to break them if you drop them accidentally on the floor.

Three of the files make a colourful matched set, where the biggest one is for foot care and the other two are nail files with pointy ends.

Glass nail files review

The bigger nail file is 135mm in length and the shorter is 90mm in length.

Glass nail files review

The glass foot file is quite large, the length x width x thickness being 165x35x6mm:

Pedicure glass file

The file has two textures. One side of it is rough:

Pedicure glass file

… and the other side is smoother, with a texture similar to two nail files from the set.

I especially liked a glass nail file decorated with purple, pink and clear crystals. The length of the file is 135mm. Unlike the rest of the files this one has a dark red velvet case.

Glass nail file with crystals

Here’s a macro of the beautiful Czech crystal stones:

Glass nail file with crystals

Last but not least, a manicure glass stick (115mm):

Glass nail stick

The glass nail stick is something I was really excited to try because up to now I’ve been using orange wood sticks. The wood sticks must be changed quite often which means you have to buy them again and again. With a glass stick it’s easier – you can wash it just like you wash your glass nail files. Some soap and water and your glass stick is as good as new :)

I have several Czech nail files and I’m pleased with their quality. The glass files from Aveniro are of the same great quality, plus the company offers manicure glass sticks and foot files. I’m starting to think that Czech glass files are the best ones ♥ I’ll be using these ones for sure.

If you are interested, you can find all Aveniro products listed here.

Thank you for looking! See you very soon, I have a nail art to show you that I painted over the white DL Polina you can see on my nails in the pics here :)

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