Dance Legend Velvet mini #4

This is one of two Dance Legend nail polishes with velvet finish that I got from the company for reviewing. The light blue polish suits the season perfectly, and its velvet finish makes the look subtle and soft.

Dance Legend Velvet #4

The Dance Legend Velvet collection is available in mini sized 6.5ml bottles.

Dance Legend Velvet #4 Бархат

On my nails I have two coats of Dance Legend Velvet #4 with no base/top coaters. As you can see the coverage is not perfect, there’re tiny brush strokes, although they are hardly visible at a normal hand to face distance. Like many matte nail polishes, this blue beauty is very capricious and requires perfectly smooth nails, and that sadly I don’t have :( I think a coat or two of a ride filler or another base would have helped the situation, but I wanted to show you the polish just the way it is, without any “fixes”.

However, in real life the polish looks ok, I wore it with a rainbow top and blue denim shorts :)

Dance Legend Velvet #4 Бархат

More images of this Velvet and other Dance Legend nail polishes can be found on their Instagram here. Do you follow them? I do :)

Dance Legend Velvet #4 Бархат

Thank you for looking!

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  1. That velvet finish is really gorgeous and the color suits you so well!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you Jessica!

  2. Such a beautiful shade!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Oh it is, isn’t it! :)

  3. I like the velvet finish and the shade is beautiful too :-)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Yes the velvet finish make the light blue even more beautiful :) I just wish there weren’t so many brushstrokes..

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